BuiltHOW Podcast

Learn the secrets behind how the most productive professionals in the real estate industry and beyond have built the businesses they have today.

Meet Your Hosts

Ben Kinney

Ben Kinney is founder of Brivity and the cofounder of PLACE, whose real estate teams sold over 9,000 transactions in 2021. Prior to launching PLACE, Ben founded the Ben Kinney Companies, which include coaching and training companies, plus mortgage, title, escrow, and multiple real estate brokerages throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Ben has personally trained over 100,000 business owners via conferences, classes, & webinars.

Debbie De Grote

Debbie De Grote is the Owner and Founder of Forward Coaching, which has been ranked by Inc. 5,000 for two consecutive years as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation. She is also an author, keynote speaker, and a preferred Coach to many large companies and brands. Debbie started in Real Estate at the age of 18, closing over 3,000 transactions in her career. Her background attracted many opportunities to speak, train and consult with others, which is how she discovered her passion for coaching.

Past Event Speakers

Ernie Carswell

David Lawson

Austin Allison

Chris Stuart

Jennifer Leahy

Kenya Reeves-Costa

Matt Wagner

Carin Nguyen

Travis Thom